Idiom: idle hands are the devil’s tools

Hi there, what’s up? Well, I’ve been busy lately and it’s been a while since I posted something here. If you’re not so busy like me take care, idle hands are the devil’s tools. But what’s this idiom about? 
It means that people are more likely to do something bad and get into trouble when they have nothing to do.

In Brazil we have a similar expression: “mente vazia, oficina do diabo”.

They kids should be kept busy while you are away; idle hands are the devil’s tools.
As crianças devem ser mantidas ocupadas enquanto vocês estiverem fora; mente vazia, oficina do diabo.
Why are you wasting your time doing nothing? Don’t you know, idle hands are the devil’s tools.
Por que você está desperdiçando o seu tempo não fazendo nada? Você não sabe que mente vazia é oficina do diabo?
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